Sunday, January 27, 2013

Must be dinner time again.

The sound of the dinner dishes rattling when the table is being set is a clear sign that the humans are getting ready for dinner. And every night the boys come out to join us. I think they were all born with famished appetites and the first thing they learn are the sounds associated with food. Every package of food comes in its own distinctive wrapper and they seem to know that crinkly cellophane means food is being prepared. And that may be their weakness as a recent news story explained how a burglar took a bowl of soup from the refrigerator and fed the family dog before he went about burgling the home.


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  1. Really enjoyed reading about your family, especially AXL, as I have my own personal babysitter by the name of Doza. We are a two Rotti family, Doza and Molly. So many things hit home as you spoke of AXL. Only one door is allowed to be closed between me and him.. the bathroom, and he lays outside the door while I take an hour long bath. He always pushes his way between myself and the hubby.