Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finally, some snow the boys can play in.

Glad to report the mid-winter thaw didn't last very long. After several days of cold weather we had some snow last night. It was only about 3-inches but that is a lot when you think that it is the biggest snowfall in two years. I took the boys, Ruff and his old buddy Axl out back for some fun. And Axl really surprised me by running around playing with Ruff. He hasn't been too interested in play lately and I was beginning to think it was because he was getting too old. At 11 1/2 years he has been really acting his age and spending a lot of time napping around the house. Today was a different story and it convinced me that the snow does make a difference.
Click the pictures for a larger view.
Judging by the look in Axl's eyes, I think he saw Ruff coming.
And then they were off.
Axl was running just like he did when he first came to his new home three years ago.  I wish every one of my Rottweilers was in such good shape when they were his age.



  1. I'm so glad they enjoy the snow. It's good for Axl to get outside and play. At 11 1/2, he's looking fabulous. Enjoy! : )
    Am I to assume that Sassy prefers to stay in with Mommy rather than play in the snow?

  2. Amy, Sassy is still too much overweight and is on pain management for her sore legs which complicates her getting exercise.. She does spend most of her time in the house because it is difficult for her to walk around. I just recently started her on Levothyroxin again for her thyroids to help her lose weight. A few weeks ago at the Vet she weighed 103 lbs.