Friday, April 5, 2013

Lets play ball.

I had some great fun playing catch with Ruffin with one of his Kong balls yesterday and had the idea of trying to capture it with the camera. Jackie can't take pictures anymore so today I set up the Nikon D3200 on a tripod in Sports mode to use the high-speed shutter and the burst image mode to grab multiple images. My first tries seemed to work pretty good. And Ruffin managed to catch most of the balls.
This was the first attempt, and Ruff was a little too close. He almost landed on the camera.
The second try came out perfect.
On the third try the ball bounced off his nose and after he picked it up he ran away with it as if he was hurt and didn't want to play this game anymore. 
Click the pictures for a larger view.



  1. Hey, he tries! That's what counts. Marco is a our expert catcher. He can catch anything from low to high. He loves to jump but I don't let him do to high anymore since he's getting older. He still goes for it though. Enjoy your lovely weather. : )

    1. I'm glad I was using the hollow Kong ball when it bounced off his nose. We have two that are solid rubber and they would have really hurt.

  2. What great pictures!

  3. It is great to see you outside and having fun, and Yeah these guys & gals (rotty's) to please you will try to catch a bowling ball for you.