Friday, April 19, 2013

None but the brave enjoy visits here.

I love going through Google Image Searches looking at pictures of other people's Rottweilers. Not so much the sterilized breeders photos of the Rottweilers with the blank stare in their eyes but the ones taken in a family environment. I also like seeing some of my own photos pop up in these searches. Some of our best Rottie pictures involve our two best friends Bev and Rich who also own two Rottweilers and a Doberman. Rich loves to play with our boys every time he visits and I think they feel that every visitor that comes here should be treated the same way. Which is why I say only the brave come for visits.

But then the other day I came across this photo that was taken at a Canadian dog show and it reminded me very much of our own baby Rottweiler, Ruffin.

I think they are all alike. They just love to give kisses.



  1. Your rottis are so much bigger than my puppy! I have just put loads of pics of her on my blog and she is so much smaller. I really think she is a cross - we aren't sure cuz we rescued her.

    1. Holly, puppies get bigger in time. Ruff was a little ball of fur when we brought him home. Please post your blog URL so we can share.

  2. I really visiting your blog page and think you have wonderful dogs. Thanks for sharing!