Monday, May 13, 2013

A pretty German girl came over for a visit and she made Ruff and Axl very happy.

Maggie is a pretty German Shepard who lives in the home behind us. Once in awhile when she hears me calling our Rottweilers she will come running over for a visit.  Yesterday was a perfect opportunity for some pictures. The weather had begun to clear up and the ground wasn't too mushy from all the rain so we took the boys for a walk in the backyard. And there was Maggie.
Of course, Goofus Rottus Ruffin was running around with a stick he found.

Just for the record, the Sun was out yesterday but it wasn't very warm. We even had frost overnight.


  1. Gorgeous happy doggies! And your 'backyard' is incredible, such an expanse of space for lucky pooches!

    1. Angela, our property is only 1.4 acres but it is about 600 feet deep and 115 feet wide. But so are the adjoining properties and there are no fences. There is a lot of room for the boys to run around. We love it and so do they.

      The first photo of Maggie was taken on our next door neighbor's property looking back at the property where Maggie lives.

  2. Happy days! Look at Ruff with his stick!!