Saturday, May 18, 2013

Just another night at home watching television.

I can't explain why I feel the way I do about my three Rottweilers. Everything about them either makes me very proud of them or brings a smile to my face. The most innocuous, everyday things they do result in some level of enjoyment in just being in the same room with them. Even when they snore while we watch TV it makes us laugh. And the old man Axl has his own unique habit of making the most raucously loud noises for no apparent reason and they become a show-stopping event that brings laughter to everyone. Or when little Sassy does her Wooo Wooo greeting to everyone who comes in our house. Some will say its all because we love Rottweilers, but I think its a bit more. Who would find the occasion to break away from a TV show to take pictures of his dog scratching his ears and then share them with strangers? I guess that would be me.
But then, how many have a 140 LB handsome, gorgeous, beautiful hunk of a Rottweiler like Ruff?  And I didn't make up those platitudes. The people who stop us in the stores to admire him did. It has become so frequent that I think baby Ruffin considers them his other names. But my proudest moments with Ruff are when he gets to meet little children, which more often than not always seem to be little girls, and he sits and leans forward, sometimes towering over them, and plants baby-kisses on their faces. Or to see bigger girls gush all over him. Or when he checks out an infant in a baby stroller and seems to know just what it is.



  1. Your dogs are wonderful ambassadors for the breed. You should be proud.

  2. Ruff is so handsome. I feel the same about my rottie. There is something about him that fills me with pride, much like you've described here. They are a special breed, and gorgeous pups like yours really do wonders for the breed.

    Always enjoy your blog/pictures :)