Sunday, August 4, 2013

A beautiful day to be outside.

Well, the heat wave ended after a few days and the monsoon weather is all dried up so what's left of our Summer has turned into Fall. Or Spring. After getting the very nice new liner installed in our swimming pool we managed to get only one day warm enough to use it. The water temperatures have been matching the air temps and our day time highs are hovering around 80 degrees. A bit too cool for taking a dip. The overnight temps are dropping into the low to mid 50's. Great sleeping weather and even nicer days to be outside. So we did and here are some new pictures.

And one more of Ruff trying to grab his ball off the desk.


  1. Sorry you're not getting much pool time, but August is just starting so don't give up yet.
    Love that you're enjoying time outside with the pups and they're certainly enjoying the nice weather. : )

    1. I read some place last week that there were over 1,700 new record low temperatures around the USA in July. So I don't feel too bad. If the weatherman is correct we won't get into the upper 80's till the middle of August. One good thing is the air-conditioner isn't getting much use this Summer.