Wednesday, August 14, 2013

After the movie, Part 5, or 8, or 10?

I have forgotten how many times I've used a variation of this post title. We do not live a very exciting life and our evenings are almost always spent around the television with our constant companions watching broadcast TV programs or movies that I buy ( I have over 200 Blu-Ray titles). A very apt subtitle to this post could be: Tiptoeing through the Rottweilers, because that is how we have become accustomed to moving around the room while our best friends are napping on the floor. BTW, they move on and off the couches regularly through the course of the evening, as if to cool off on the floor. The best part, for us, is that none of the large sleeping hunks ever tries to get up while we are stepping over them, for that would end in quite and accident. So this was last night, after the movie. And, in case you're interested, the movie title was "Olympus Has Fallen", I just bought the Blu-Ray version yesterday when it came out and it was a great movie.


  1. I am a Rottie owner who has been enjoying your blog for awhile! Do you know about the missing Rottweiler in Maryland? She is a therapy dog at Walter Reed hospital and went missing on July 4. Her Facebook page is called Help Find Abby. Please spread the word if you can, her owner is desperate and heartbroken. Thanks!

    1. Andi, I found this link on Facebook.

      Lost Dog: Could you please share this and get the word out? Looking for a missing female Rottweiler from Tilghman Island, MD. Her name is Abby. Abby is a service dog for injured soldiers/marines at Walter Reed and Bethesda and has special needs of her own. We are desperately trying to find her and need to get the word out far and wide.

      Some markings that set her apart from other Rotties is that the whites of her eyes are brown and her right eye is droopy and lazy. Her tail is off center. Thank you!

      Phone: 301-938-2834

      $1000 Reward.

    2. Thank you for sharing, Nelson. Abby's reward is now $3,000.

    3. Wish I could do more. I feel your pain.