Thursday, September 19, 2013

We celebrate another birthday milestone. Our old Rottweiler Axl is 12 years old.

He can no longer jump up on his Mom’s bed but Axl still never leaves her side when she is awake. He spend the night sleeping outside her bedroom door and snores the night away. His face is getting covered with gray hairs and the more Axl gets the more dignified he looks. He sleeps more like a baby now, but old men do so as well. He is, by far, the most loveable, most gentle, most handsome, sweetest and most devoted Rottweiler I have ever known. And I am so glad he seems to be in good health and I hope he stays that way for a few more years. I need him and so does his Mom. He had a checkup at the vet’s office a few months ago and he was fine.
Axl was 12 years old this month. I took these pictures today.

In case you didn't know, Axl came to us four years ago. We adopted him when he was almost 8-years old from a rescue group in Ohio and by chance, I happened to know the woman who first owned him when he was a puppy and she was instrumental in helping us get him. Axl was and is the best rescued Rottweiler we have ever had. He ranks way up at the top of those Thief of Hearts that have given us so much happiness.

I think Axl may get a steak for dinner tonight.
Happy Birthday, old man. May you have many more to come.



  1. Happy birthday Axl! Wishing you many more!


  2. Happy birthday for us, old Axl, cuz today is my birthday too.

    1. Birthday Greetings to you. Stop by and have some of Axl's steak dinner .

  3. happy birthday to your handsome boy, axl! my rottie is about to turn 10, and she has the same cute grey chin hairs.

  4. Axl looks beautiful! You are so lucky to have had him all these years.