Sunday, September 29, 2013

Well, this is something different.


I've been living with Rottweilers and taking photos of them for 18 years and I have seen all kinds of different personalities. They are all clowns to some extent and seem to just want to entertain us. My baby Rottweiler Ruff wasn't the first Goofus Rottus we ever had. But he sure isn't like the others. I was sitting in the family room watching TV tonight and Axl was laying on the couch when all of a sudden Ruff climbed on top of the hassock and stepped onto the couch right next to Axl and, while standing over him, started to give him a tongue bath on his face, his head and his ears. And as you can see, Axl never objected. Ruff and Axl have best friends since the day we adopted Axl four years ago. I liked to think Axl was a sort of father figure to Ruff. Ruff frequently washes Axl's ears but this is a new one. I quickly retrieved the camera and managed to capture the last few minutes of this crazy act. These photos are in the sequence I took them.
Click the pictures for a larger view.


  1. Sweet. It's obvious they are good friends and family. With Axl getting older, it may be that Ruff somehow knew that Axl needed some comfort. Laying his head on Axl is both affection and protection. :-)

  2. Awww, this is just so sweet...your goofus rottus (i really like this description/name!) is truly tender, loving..Love these pictures :)

    1. Angela, I'm sure every Rottweiler owner, at one time or another, has thought of some similar variation of the term Goofus Rottus. I hear "goofs" as much as "clowns" from the comments here. Interestingly enough, it is a hidden trait that only reveals itself in homes filled with love. If love could be considered a drug then "goofus" is the reaction to the overdose.