Sunday, December 1, 2013

Not quite an off topic story.

One of my online news sites ran a story this morning that I immediately found very funny even though it wasn't intended to be. Here is the headline and opening paragraph.
I’M SO PRETTY: Taking Too Many Photos of Your Kids is a BAD Thing, Warn Experts

Parents taking too many pictures of their kids are being warned that it can be detrimental to their development as it might make them feel ‘overly important’.
The reason the story wasn't meant to be funny was because they were talking about our real kids, a.k.a. the human kind, otherwise called children. But we all refer to our Rottweilers (and Notweilers, too) as our kids but I think the point of the story may apply there as well. I know that in my baby Rottweiler Ruffin's seven year life he has had the bulk share of some 10,000 photographs taken and it has gotten to the point that when he sees me with the camera he almost begins to pose for another picture. So does this begin to explain the origins of the "spoiled rotten" attitude? Who cares. Here is another picture taken this morning after we came home from church.
These poor critters are so attached to us that they are unable to cope with our schedule changes. On Sunday's we get up almost 4 hours early to make the 7 o'clock Mass and they all cry their heads off when we pull out of the driveway. They do the same in the daytime when we go shopping and have to leave them home alone, but at 6:30 in the morning when its still dark outside it sounds terrible.

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