Saturday, November 30, 2013

Watching TV with my two boys Axl and Ruff.

While the two girls in the house (my wife and Sassy) were both dozing in the family room last night, the male part of the family (me and Ruff and Axl) were in the living room watching TV. Axl spent most of the time snoozing but Ruff was wide awake.
I just adore this old Rottweiler's face full of gray hairs. He is just as beautiful sleeping (and snoring) as he is when he is awake and he is the biggest sweetheart. But when the couch got too warm for him Axl got down and went back to sleep on the cool floor. But a comfy couch does not remain unused for long in our house and soon my other best friend Ruff took possession of it.

Ruff, on the other hand, was not only wide awake but was interested in posing for some pictures while still showing an interest for what was on TV - especially the parts that had barking dogs.
But I got the distinct impression that Ruff was getting tired of the interruptions and wanted to go back to watching the TV. You can see it in his eyes. He didn't want to miss anything.

And that's the way we spent the evening.

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