Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Welcome to the fourth day of Spring

The time is now 3:30 PM, EDST. It is almost 4 hours since my last post, this morning. The weatherman was right. It is snowing again. Took Ruff and Axl out to get the mail and they were somewhat confused. Can't say I blame them. Yesterday the Sun was out and the temperature was in the 50's.
I just remembered something the weatherman said last night. He said the latest we have had snow in this area was the first week of May. Now that is encouraging, isn't it.

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  1. Hi there

    I stumbled upon your blog by accident and am absolutely loving every single page. Down here in South Africa we don't really get snow, but we do get torrential rain and loads of Mud, which means my babies (1 Rott and 1 LabRot) get a good bathing very often. Thank you so much for sharing your love and stories I will be popping in to see how You, the baby's and your very patient wife are doing

    Keep well
    South Africa