Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hanging out together in the inner sanctum.

I have been spending several days now trying to keep the two young lovers apart. I have nothing against young love but Ruffin and Bessie take their view of it as time for active play. Very active play. She may be almost 6-months old but I would like to get Bess to calm down a bit because when she and Ruff are together it is anything but calm. So I've been keeping her with me in my den. And she has been acting like a little lady when we are together except when she has one of her toys. So this morning Bessie was determined to make me aware of her presence and try to get me to play.
By the way, I am getting pretty good taking pictures holding the camera with one hand and shooting without looking through the viewfinder. The auto-focus also helps a lot. Biggest problem is pointing the camera in the right direction without dropping it.
There is one more reason for my keeping Bess in the den - she has been stealing stuff when she has been left to roam the house. I have been trying to keep her off the kitchen table but she managed to take an old pair of my reading glasses and chew up the frames. Yesterday she took a plastic container with my wife's diabetic test strips and chewed it up. I managed to recover the test strips that fell out of the container before they got damaged. She has also stolen a few of my stuffed baby Christmas Rotties and chewed them up. Oh, and she has also stolen my heart, so I can't yell at her too much.

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  1. She is absolutely breathtaking! It's not hard to see why she stole your heart. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I love the pictures, keep 'em coming!