Saturday, February 20, 2016

In the USA, today is National Love Your Pet Day

Just happened in to our favorite place for dog food, Pet Supplies Plus, a few days ago and when I checked out at the register the young lady handed me a flyer that said February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day. Stop in for free nail trims. This Pet Supplies Plus store is brand new in our neighborhood. And it is the best stocked pet store I've ever been in. But we have never been to the beauty salon in the back so this was a new experience for all of us.
So what is the best way to show your pets how much you love them? Take them to a beauty parlor. OK, that works for Bessie, because she's a girl (don't tell her that, she thinks she is really a Tomboy) but I had to tell a different story to Ruff. I said, Ruff, how would you like to have some pretty girls give you a toenail trim? If you know Ruff then you would know how much he is attracted to girls. I haven't had too many opportunities to take pictures of his encounters but there are a few dozen photos posted here on this blog over the years. So when I asked Ruff about the toenail trim I'm sure his mind stopped working as soon as I mentioned girls and he never heard me say toenail trim. So off we went, but one at a time. And along came the camera.
This was a totally new experience for Bess.  She likes to visit this store when we buy dog food but has never had this done here before. This was also only the second time she has had her toenails trimmed and I think she was glad when it was over. So off we went back home to pick up the big guy and leave Bess behind. No way this would have worked if I had them there together.
There was one sound that went along with this picture. It didn't come from Ruff. It sounded like a loud Ummph as the woman in blue tried to pick up Ruff's hind foot. And I heard her say, "He is a strong one." Ruff wasn't complaining but he also wasn't cooperating. But the ladies were dedicated and went on to finish the job.
Time for everyone to catch their breath and smile for the camera.
And while Ruff never took his eyes off the young blonde girl during the whole ordeal, I am sure he was very happy when this was over. It is worth noting that this was all accomplished without a single word of discontent. Neither Bess nor Ruff voiced any complaints. On the way out we bought two bags of Milo's Kitchen dog treats just because they were so good today.


  1. prayers are on the way get well and keep posting!!!

  2. prayers on the way get well , we enjoy your blog and pics!!!