Saturday, May 7, 2016

Ruffin wins the 2016 Kentucky Derby

OK, not really, of course he didn't win. But Ruffin did continue his unbroken streak of never missing a major televised horse race. And in our house that makes Ruff a winner every day.

And just for the record, Nyquist won the derby and continued his own unbroken record of wins. 
Instead of taking the photos in the family room I wanted to see how well the new TV looked in the background so we got everyone in the living room. All the previous horse race photos were taken in front of a plasma TV and the new TV is an LED. Here Ruff struck his usual pose standing in front of the TV during a commercial before the race started. Then as soon as the horses came out Ruff laid down on the couch to watch the race.
And here they come into the final stretch.
Nice going Bess. This was Ruff's picture session, not yours.

Earlier in the day Ruff and Bessie lounged around the pool like a couple of tourists on vacation. Bessie seems to like laying on the stone wall. If I could get a picture from the the other direction I think she would look as regal as a Lion statue outside a library.

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