Sunday, June 19, 2016

Just received this via email.

My daughter Karen sent me two pictures via email this morning. She took them when she came out here recently. During a break from her cleanup work she took Ruff and Bessie for a walk in the backyard and this is what she saw them doing. These photos were taken with her cell phone camera. Does Bessie look like she has gotten bigger?
Can't quite make out what's going on here. It doesn't look exactly like a game of tugs while it almost looks like the two were working together carrying that "big" stick. OK, call it Teamwork.
Updated June 21st: Took Bessie and Ruff the the county Animal Shelter yesterday to get their dog licenses renewed and saw they now had a large size dog scale in the lobby. I put Bessie on the scale and it hovered between 100 and 101 pounds. That's the same as it was at the Vet's office several weeks ago. So that answers my question, Bessie hasn't gotten bigger.


  1. Branch Manager and Assistant Branch Manager :)

    1. HA Ha ha, that's a good one. Only question is who is who. I'm guessing the one with the firm grip on the branch is the on who is in charge.

    2. Yes, Bessie is definitely in charge!

    3. Well, that's what Ruff was training her to be.