Friday, July 1, 2016

Another Birthday Party at Our House

Happy Birthday Baby Bess, you are 2 years old today.
I bought a large package of chop beef and made 3 large hamburgers this afternoon and a bowl of mashed potatoes for the icing. This has always been our traditional Rottweiler birthday cakes ever since my wife Jacqueline started the tradition almost 20 years ago.
Just a brief historical update. Here is a photo of the first Rottweiler birthday cake that my wife made sometime back around 1997. I think the mashed potato icing came later. The single meat loaf size one feeding all three Rottweilers at the same time doesn’t work when one Rottweiler wants to eat it all. This is our first Rottweiler family. Nikko Bear on the left, 5-year old birthday girl Felony in the middle and their 2-year old daughter Mocha on the right.
Baby Bessie has grown up to become a beautiful young lady Rott and I wanted her day to be very special. We all got in the van earlier and visited her favorite drive thru windows and everyone wished her a Happy Birthday and gave her biscuits. Then it was time to come back home and do some cooking. And with the exception of her reaction to the two lighted candles, I think she enjoyed this special occasion.

I gave each of the Rottweilers their own individual hamburgers so as to avoid any commotion at the food stand. And Axl got to enjoy his mixed in his dinner dish before the humans sat down to eat.

And a kiss for my birthday girl.
And then it was Ruffin's turn.
I held the plate for him so he wouldn't scoot it off the stand with his mighty tongue.

Bessie has really become my sweetheart as she has gotten older. She still has a lot of playful puppy energy in her so I can't wait for her to mature a bit more and quiet down. Here she is, one more time, getting a birthday kiss.

Next birthday is another big one. Old Man Axl will be 15 in September.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dear Bessie!!

    Oh Wow how she has grown. Paige sends her love and slobbery kisses... Mwaahahahah
    And you are looking good dear Sir... Love to the rest of the clan too please...

    1. Thank you, dear friend. And I do miss your emails.

  2. Wow! I can't believe she is 2. Happy birthday Bess! What lovely photos, thank you for sharing. I'm stunned that Axl will be 15!! The oldest we've had was 11 and sadly we just learned our 8 year old has bone cancer and won't be with us much longer. Breaks my heart, it's just too young.

    1. Thank you for the compliment. Yes, old man Axl will be 15 and we are so fortunate to have had him for 8 years. He is a true credit to trained service dogs. He got to enjoy a very brief retirement in between his first handicapped mom and the day he came into our house and met my wife. Now he still manages to handle his business outside whenever he has to go but he spends all the rest of the time indoors taking naps right next to her chair.