Monday, July 25, 2016

This news about Axl is interesting.

I don't recall hearing this before but I just received an email from the lady in Dayton, Ohio who was Axl's original mom and she told what his AKC Registered name was. 
Axl was named after Axl Rose...his registered name is actually Armani's Cold November Rain...after the Guns and Roses song, November Rain :-)
Wow! And all this time we have been affectionately calling him Grandpa Axl. Nice to read that he has a real spiffy show-dog name but we all love him for a whole lot of other reasons.

Just thought you'd like to know this.
-- 0 --
As a footnote to all this, since we now know we have a bonafide would-be show-dog living amongst us, I must reveal the back story to one of our original Rottweilers. Six months after my daughter gave me my first Rottweiler who I named Mocha and later just Mo, we inherited both of Mocha's parents, Nikko Bear, her father and Felony, her mother. But it was later on when we learned we were the third or fourth family for these two that we were told that Felony's AKC registered name was Erin Lee's Felony. You can imagine how often we wondered about that, but we just called her Felly-girl.

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