Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bessie in her little house

Bessie is the only one of all of our 7 Rottweilers who enjoyed being crated. Now almost 3 years old (July 1st) she considers her crate to be a place to hide, stash the stolen contents from the laundry basket or a safe place to go to to just be alone. I call it her little house and it amazes me that she can still fit inside and turn around in it.
Yesterday I took Bess to Pets Supply Plus to buy dog food and because she was being very good on the leash I bought her some new toys. Two soft rubber balls that squeal when you squeeze them and flash bright lights from inside when you bounce them. I gave Bess the larger one because it is too big to roll under the furniture. Bessie carries it around the house and takes it inside her little house and talks to it as if it was a kitten or maybe an alien from outer space that she is interrogating. Whatever she is doing it sounds like a very worried cry.
The blue toy is actually glowing in the dark.
Last Saturday Ruff had another blood test and there was still several abnormally high enzyme spikes in his liver. I postponed the CT scan again until next Tuesday with yet one, hopefully final, blood test next Saturday. He will also have his prednisone cut in half for the last time and will have 5 days of a single 5mg pill.


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