Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ruff has made friends everywhere he goes

My Rottweiler Christmas cards have made Ruff and Bess both very popular. Especially to the local merchants who have actually met them. Some people seem to recognize me just because I had Ruffin and Bessie in the car. Two of their favorite spots are the drive thru windows at the bank and the pharmacy where the girls all come to the window and smile when they see them and give them treats. Yesterday I went to the local Kroger Pharmacy but had to buy groceries first so I had to leave the Rotts at home so I could go inside. One of the ladies who work there came over to ask where they were and I told her how sick Ruff was. 

Today I went back to the pharmacy to pick up a special order and that lady called me over and gave me a large pill bottle filled with biscuits to take home for Ruff. And sent along some prayers, as well.

So I printed out these two photos and will give them to her tomorrow.

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  1. He is such a beautiful dog! Sending lots of prayers for you all!