Saturday, June 10, 2017

A eulogy to my favorite camera

My 10-year old knock-around Nikon D40, that I always had laying around to take many of my Rottie pics, has finally died. That old faithful camera had gone through three rounds on the memory card from 0001 to 9999 and recorded almost 25,000 pictures. It used to be my best camera until I got my newer Nikon D3200 a few years ago but it just kept on ticking. Now I got to stop pampering the D3200 so I don't have to fetch it from the camera bag whenever I want to use it. I loved the D40 so much I may just dig a hole, put it in a box and bury it with honors.

For the time being the D40 is sitting on my desk while I pondered the remote possibility of finding a place to have it repaired. But that will have to take a low priority for the moment. I am slowly, make that very slowly, fixing some small problems that have been laying dormant for several years. One of those little projects was patching two holes in the hallway wall made by my rambunctious baby Bess two years ago. I fixed that one last week. Did you know that besides roots, rocks and dirt Rottweilers sometimes eat gypsum wall board? 

So bear with me friends, those spontaneous snapshots of Rottweiler activity will take a bit longer to capture. But I do promise there will be more photos coming up.


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