Thursday, June 1, 2017

The story behind this amazing front page newspaper photo.

This post begins with a photo but it isn't one of my photos, it was published on the front page of the Cincinnati Post on May 22, 2003. And 14-years later, almost to the day, with the help of Facebook, I tracked down the person in the photo because I wanted to know the story behind it all and his three amazing Rottweilers. 

Bob Dickerson, photographer for the Cincinnati Post, happened to be in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart store in Florence, Kentucky and spotted a pickup truck with out of state license plates and in the back of the truck were three huge Rottweilers patiently waiting for their owner. When Jesse Windham came back to his truck the photographer snapped a photo of the excited greeting and wrote down some notes for the photo caption but there was never a story inside the newspaper with more details.

From my perspective, as a Rottweiler owner, the photo jumped right off the page the moment I saw it and I did something I don't usually do. I saved the entire page from the newspaper and every time I looked at it I wanted to know more about a man from Louisiana who drives all the way up to Northern Kentucky with his three Rottweilers looking for work.

Well, a few months ago I started up a page on Facebook, called my page Living With Rottweilers and joined a bunch of groups devoted to this magnificent breed. After sharing several of my own blog photos I posted the photo below and asked if anyone knew Jesse Windham. And within a few weeks of people passing around my request someone came back and told me how to contact him. One interesting side note is that when I wrote to Jesse and told him about the newspaper photo he told me he had never seen it before.
So here is Jesse Windham's story as he just wrote me and the story behind the photo that captured my heart.

Jesse Windham’s story

I am glad you that you have taken the time to find me and for sharing your story. I also am very thankful for sharing the picture with me. Sorry it has taken me so long to write you back.

      Quite a bit has changed since that pic was taken. The company I was working for then declared bankruptcy on the last day of that job. I lost quite a bit of unpaid wages because of it.
      Me, my girlfriend, & the 3 dogs packed our bags & headed home. I ended up getting a job working offshore on a oil production rig in the Gulf of Mexico. I worked out there for 2 yrs.  During this time Cain passed away due to a combination of kidney problems & poisonous snake bite. Shortly after, Ginger passed away (unknown cause).

      It was a few sad days during those 2 years but there was a great deal of good days also during this time.  The best of those days was getting married to the love of life. We had the service outside & Harley was able to attend.

      Harley was diagnosed with hip dysplasia shortly after.  He spent his days sharing the 4 acre estate with his adopted boxer sister Jada Bug & adopted Labrador sister Shelby. They had some good times & adventures.  Eventually, he became demobilized & soon had to be "put to sleep" due to the aggression he displayed due to the pain he developed.

       About the same time, I got a job working on another rig on land for a new company & went back to traveling around the country. Worked my way up from a helper to being a supervisor over my on rig. Was employed with that company for 8 yrs.

       I am currently still in the oil industry & traveling around the country & my wife is a RN. We are proud parents of 4 Great Danes & as of 1/10/2016 we are born again adopted children of God (the best part of the story)!!

       We have been & still are far blessed beyond what we deserve & although, we can't predict the future, we are extremely excited to see where God has in store for us & we are certain that He will always far exceed our expectations!!!! 
Jesse Windham
Downhole Technical Specialist
Delta Oil Tools

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  1. That's amazing! I'm so glad you connected. It's a small world with the technology we have today.