Monday, August 14, 2017

Indoor camera games

I took two photos of my pretty girl Bess this afternoon. Used only natural light - no flash. It was late afternoon and the sun was shining through the back doors and Bess looked gorgeous curled up in her chair. She also had a real sour-looking sad sack look on her face and I wanted to get a photo of it. When I brought out the camera to take the photos her sad sack look disappeared and then she began to smile when I started taking the photos.

Just before dinner Bess had moved to the small couch so I tried again for a few more shots. It quickly turned in a selfie-session and then Ruff joined in, too. One thing about the big guy, he may still be blind but his tongue seems to work on radar. Got a bunch of mixed pics here including a close miss of both Ruff and Bess giving me kisses at the same time and a real close up of Ruff that was another accidental photo.
Bess has grown up very nicely in spite of Ruffin's combat school training. She may not act refined like a lady but she is full of love and affection for me and for every person she gets to meet.

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