Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Ruff has some serious medical problems

Ruffin will need to have his Spleen removed.

During a routine exam last Friday at Noah's Ark, our Veterinary doctors office, our Vet discovered a tumor on Ruff's spleen. Dr. Matt McGlasson asked me to get Ruff in to see Dr. Bruner a specialist, to confirm his exam. I took Ruff in this afternoon and Dr. Bruner showed me the Ultrasound images and there is a massive tumor 8.4 cm (3.3 inches) wide on his spleen that has already cavitated. There is no way to tell if the tumor is cancerous or not but at least there is no sign of bleeding yet. I have no other information until I get a chance to talk with our Vet tomorrow.

On the plus side Dr. Bruner said Ruffin was in excellent health and should have no trouble surviving the surgery.

I am still amazed at how Ruffin is acting. In the last three weeks he has been in to see three doctors and he takes it all in like he enjoys the adventure. Before, during and after Ruff has had no change in attitude and shows no sign of discomfort. This morning was typically normal for him. He got up, went outside did a pee and a poop came in and took a nap.

At the Vet's office this afternoon he flirted with two female staff and one woman in the waiting room. While waiting for the Doctor he smooched one of the nurses. Back home, he ate a big dinner and another chopped sirloin burger to raise his blood count up and is now taking another nap. Nothing seems to bother him.

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  1. Hi, hope your boy Ruff will get better soon.