Monday, February 12, 2018

Weather Report: Extremely Muddy

This Winter so far has been one of the mildest as far as snow is concerned. But never-the-less, it has been one of the wettest. We had enough rain to make at least 2 feet of snow but luckily most of it came down when the temperatures were above freezing. Most of the grass has disappeared within 25 feet of the front door and that is because as soon as Ruff gets outside to pee that's as far as he gets. And the bare earth has become super-saturated and very muddy. Since Ruff lost his eyesight I have to take him out on a leash. He used to wander a lot further to take his pee breaks when he could see where he was going.

So it looks like the first outside project to be addressed when the weather gets warm is to put down some new grass seed. And don't expect any pictures. I am worn out from mopping up muddy footprints and sweeping up the dried mud in the front hallway.

I miss having at least one deep snow because the Rottweilers just love plowing through it and having a fun time. Now that we are spending most of our time indoors everyone is getting lots of nap time. Speaking of which, Ruff tried to take an after dinner nap. Bessie thought he needed company.
When Bessie isn't giving Ruff so much attention she lets me know how badly she wants to have someone to play with. Every time I see her out alone in the fenced yard around the pool she seems to be looking for a playmate. I am seriously going to look for an adult Rottweiler around her age so she has someone to run around with like Ruff had with Axl years ago. Meanwhile in the house, this is what I have to contend with.
Another rainy day and more muddy feet. So passing the time on FB. But someone isn't happy about this. I think she wants me to throw her the ball. I love to play catch with Bess outside but we can't do that in the house. Too many times that ball has bounced off her nose and flew around the room.
This morning after breakfast Bessie went outside by herself and Ruff went over and laid down on one of the doggie beds outside of Bessie's little house to take a nap. As soon as Bess came in from the backyard she went over and laid down next to him to keep him company.
The weather out here this year has been crazy. I think I mentioned within one week we set a new daily high temperature record (55 degrees) as well as a new daily low temperature record (-7 degrees). One night we had an ice storm and the next few days the trees and shrubs lit up like sparkling diamonds covered in ice.
And a few days ago we had a very enjoyable ice cream party. One of the all time favorite treats that our Rottweilers love is ice cream. Too bad they can't have it every day. Too much milk or dairy products gives them tummy aches so we have to limit this to once in awhile.

So long for now.


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