Sunday, January 10, 2010

Axl and Ruff enjoying the cold weather and the snow.

Axl has learned some bad habits recently. One of his favorite hangouts is in the kitchen, especially when meals are being prepared. Whenever he sees anyone picking up food he follows them looking for a handout, even when we scrape pots and dishes into the garbage can.

Now we have a new garbage can that has a pedal near the floor that you step on to raise the lid. Guess what I saw Axl doing? Yep, he learned to step on the pedal and raise the lid so he can look inside for food.

We took everyone to Petsmart a few days ago and they all had a great time greeting everyone in the store. These three become quite an attraction as soon as we walk (get dragged) into the store. As soon as we arrived Ruff jumped up on the wall next to one of the check out girls and she gave him hugs and kisses and treats and everyone standing in line smiled. Ruff recognized this employee from his previous visits and the girl remembered him and said hello to her old friend.

We put everyone on the scales at Banfield Vets in the store. Sassy has gained 3 LBS over the holidays from munching Christmas ham and treats they got from Santa. She now weighs 88 LBS. Axl now weighs 101 LBS and has filled out very nicely. He can still run like a deer and loves going out back to play with Ruff. Ruff has lost a few pounds and now weighs 113 LBS. This weight loss is solely the result of him running around chasing Axl. He has been getting more exercise since Axl arrived then he ever got before.

Speaking of Ruff and Axl running around, they had a blast this afternoon in the new snow. We only got 4 inches but it was just enough for them to play in. The only time Ruff can catch Axl is when Axl lets him and then they jump up and wrestle like a couple of horse. Keep in mind that Axl, who just turned 8 last October, is the old dog here. Young Ruff, is just 3 years old and in spite of his 113 LBS of muscle cannot run as fast as the old man.

In spite of the cold snap dropping our temperatures into the single digits we have been enjoying the snow as long as it lasts. Just read a funny story about some unexpected problems that people are having a bit further South of us in the Sunshine State of Florida. The thought of frozen Iguanas falling from the trees is a hoot.

Cold Snap Causes Frozen Iguana Shower
Key Biscayne, Florida. --

Wednesday night's bitter cold temperatures rattled tree-dwelling iguanas in South Florida.

The large green reptiles drop out of the trees and litter the ground when temperatures drop in sunny South Florida.

The lizards are not dead. Most of them are alive and are simply cold. When the weather returns to the warmth they know and love, they will spring back to life.

"It is as if they are in suspended animation," said Robert Yero, park manager at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park on Key Biscayne.

At Bill Baggs park on Thursday, it was raining iguanas.

The critters could be found underneath buttonwood trees and beneath a sea grape.

"We have found dozens on the bike path after a major cold snap,'' said Yero. "When they warm up in the sun, they come back to life.''

The iguanas are exotics from Central and South America. Most of them were house pets at one point, and then released into the wild by their owners when they got too big.

In their new home in the wild of South Florida, they feed on vegetation.

''They really are taking over,'' Yero said.

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