Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Wonderland - Our Rottweilers love to play in the snow.

They eat ice cubes year-round as if it were candy, but in the Winter they love the cold air and the snow. And there is nothing better than eating fresh snow right off the ground. Our Rottweilers seem to be made for this weather with such amazing insulation built into their coats that snow doesn't melt on them until they come back into the house. When we take them out at night at this time of the year for their final potty break before bedtime, their sensitive noses point to the North and sniff the air in anticipation of another snowfall. Our three Rottweilers look like hunting dogs pointing to their prey when they all stand still on the front lawn aiming their noses in the air.

Then comes the morning after the snow has fallen and they are as excited as children waiting to get outside and play. The cold air plus the snow seems to rejuvenate them and they can hardly contain themselves until after they have had breakfast and their humans put on their warm clothing.

Sometimes the human has more important things to do such as clear the snow off the sidewalk and driveway.

But they are patient and willing to wait. Then the time comes to go out back where there is more room to run around and the games begin.

One of their favorite games is 'catch me if you can' and a convenient tree to run around is just the thing to have.

And then to break up the monotony of running in circles Ruff and his new playmate Axl meet and do a little wrestling, doggy-style.

Even girls are allowed to play. Our six year old Sassy, who usually takes a dim view of the boys rough housing and tries to make them stop, gets chased by Ruff once in awhile.

But they do not ever wrestle together like Ruff and Axl do.

Life is good when you are having fun.


  1. Great photos. Nothing like being loved by a rottie. Debbie (Misters Mom)

  2. Beautiful. Nothing like rott'ns having a blast in the fresh fallen snow.
    Monika (rott'n2)

  3. Great Pictures, My 5 month old Puppy says she wants to come and play. Cindy (OhioRotts)

  4. Rotties are so special and fill your life with love. Brunos' Mum.