Friday, January 1, 2010

Pool side stories. Our Rottweilers are afraid of the water.

In the midst of Winter, thoughts of Summer warm our frigid bones. Here are some pool side stories from the previous two years. Our three Rottweilers are courageous and brave, willing to defend their humans any time or place. Except when we are in the water. Our new home has a 40' in-the-ground swimming pool which we enjoy in the Summer, but the Rottweilers all think it is the most dangerous place on the earth. Whenever we and our guests are in the water, the Rotts run around the edge of the pool barking frantically to make us get out. Talk about spoil-sports. When we bought this new home we had two adult Rotts who had never seen a pool before so we understood their concern. Then when we got our new baby Ruff we decided to introduce him to the water. We even bought a life-jacket for him to give him more assurance. It was a disaster. Look what happened.

 Ruff gets his life-jacket on and his friend Bev helps my wife get him to the water.

  Ruff panics as soon as he gets wet. Momma Mocha rushes to his aid. Finally he does a few nervous dog paddles.

Ruff is obviously frightened in spite of my holding him. This will be enough for the little guy.

One year later, Bev brings over her new Rottie pup, Zoe, for a swimming lesson. Same reaction as Ruff had.

An older and wiser Ruff rushes to console this little girl.

Zoe is a landlubber and not a water Rott and friend Ruff is her hero.

Nothing will change their mind about the water.

Mom takes Casey the cat for a boat ride. Mother hen Mocha and Sassy, more like two sidewalk superintendents, stand by to assist the rescue. Now Mom gets a lecture.

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