Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's official, Summer is here.

Just in time for the Memorial Day weekend we got the pool opened, cleaned out and ready to go. And we did have our first pool party on Sunday. This was the first year our new adopted Rottweiler Axl has ever seen us in the water. We wondered if he would get excited over the danger but he took it all in stride and simply laid out on the patio and watched his humans have some fun. Sassy had the same attitude as Axl but Ruff was worried the whole time we were in the water.

We had our good friends Bev and Rich over to enjoy the warm weather and the pool and a cookout and Ruff was especially happy to meet them again. Here he is doing what he does best: Giving kisses.
I hope this is the year we will be able to get our little Sassy to go swimming. For the last two years Sassy has had a weight problem and last Summer it had ballooned  up to 105 lbs. Sassy had gotten so overweight that it was difficult for her to walk and get exercise. Last August we started her on a Thyroid treatment with Levothyroxin and she has lost almost 30 lbs. She still needs to strengthen her legs and swimming is very good exercise.

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