Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spending time in the house on rainy days.

Cabin fever in the Summer is not much different from cabin fever in the Winter. You sit indoors and look out the windows at really crappy weather. Of course in the Winter you also wish for the Sun to come out. In the Summer that shiny Sun makes the rainy weather feel worse. OK, enough of the nonsense. What this leads up to is just a few more pictures of some terribly spoiled Rottweilers who seem to enjoy life to the limit.

Here is a picture I took this afternoon. When I emailed it to some friends I told them it was from "That guy who sneaks around the house with a camera." I spotted my wife taking a nap with both of our male Rottweilers keeping her company. I called it OREO. 

Here is an interesting clue to doing a really cool thing. NASA is collecting photos that people post of themselves or their pets or both and will carry them into space on the next two space shuttle launches. Best of all, IT'S FREE. Go to this web site and fill out the form and upload your pictures. The shuttle launches are scheduled for liftoff in September and November. Here is one of the photos that I submitted:

Here is how my Rottweilers are copping with the rainy weather. First, Axl naps on the couch. He has a magical ability to fall asleep in about 5 seconds and I am mighty jealous, but he does toss and turn a bit.
Then there is my baby Rottweiler, Ruff. Yeah, I know, he is almost 4 years old but he will always be my baby because I picked him out from his litter and I got to raise him when he was 7 weeks old.
Not to be left out, here is Sassy sleeping on the couch while Axl is curled up on the chair.
One thing I always have to look forward to is after every rain that is followed by some Sun, the grass grows twice as fast.

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  1. I am glad to see that Sassy is doing so good with her pain meds. I miss seeing updates and pictures of her and the boys. So glad it donned on me that the blog would be updated. Belly rubs to all the kids. :O)