Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our first serious snow fall. Guess who enjoys it most?

Last night we had another six inches of new snow on top of three inches that fell a few days ago. With temperatures staying between zero and 25 degrees, the old snow never melted. After what we saw last year, the deeper the snow the more the Rottweilers seem to enjoy it, especially Ruff and his 9-year old buddy Axl. Here are a few pictures taken a little while ago. The first picture was from the snow fall, three days ago. The sky got very bright and clear and Ruff looked like he was posing for a statue. I love the way he gazes off into the distance over the expanse of clear snow in our neighbors back yard where he does not go to explore.
Click the pictures for a larger view.
Then this afternoon Ruff and Axl went for a walk out back, or I should say a run out back because they seldom just walk around and they began chasing each other. Their favorite game was to run around one of the trees after each other. First they would run in one direction for a few turns then stop and reverse direction. 

All this has happened and Winter doesn't begin until December 21st. It looks like the boys are going to have a lot of fun this year.

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