Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Today we had the first snow of the season. Our Rottweilers are very happy.

The weatherman was wrong but the Rottweilers are happy in spite of it. Today we had our first snow and even though it was a little more than a dusting, Ruff and Axl had some fun checking it out.
After a terribly hot Summer with over 60 days of above 90 degrees temperature and a 5 month long drought, finally the seasons are getting back to normal. Just a few weeks before Thanksgiving we were more than 8 inches below normal rainfall. Then we had three soaking rains that delivered more than 5 inches of rain in two weeks. And following the last heavy rain we had some cold air move in to turn the last bit of rain into SNOW.
Of course, as soon as the boys came back in the house our old man Axl had to take a nap on his mom's lap.

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