Saturday, December 25, 2010

A surprise visitor on Christmas Day brought her little dog for a visit.

Our good friend Lucy came for a visit on Christmas and she brought her little dog Tinker with her. This was the first time our Rottweilers had met Tinker and they didn't seem to be bothered by her tiny size. Matter of fact, this little girl was just as bossy with the big boys as our Rottweiler Sassy. Just goes to prove that size doesn't matter in the canine world, the girls are always in charge no matter how big or small they are.

Tinker settled in right away and I got some pictures to share with our fans.
Axl had to wait his turn when Tinker went to the water dish. Our boys were extremely polite and let tinker go first.
Axl stepped away from his food dish for a moment and Tinker went over to help herself, one kibble at a time. I thought she might have had some ideas about eating from the Big Dog dish.
Tinker even managed to trot around the house with the two boys following her everywhere. I think she was enjoying their attention. To see her walk underneath them was very funny but unfortunately I did not have the camera with me every moment.
We posed this picture by placing Tinker on the couch between Axl and Ruff because she couldn't get up there by herself. It sort of reminded me of this next picture I took seven years ago when we first got little Sassy when she was only eight weeks old. Sassy was sitting between her adopted mother Mocha and Mocha's father Nikko.
By the way, this is Tinker when she was only a year old. We had found a shoe scrapper that looked just like her and she was checking it out.

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