Thursday, February 10, 2011

The food may be expensive but at least the entertainment is free.

Not a day goes by when our three Rottweilers don't manage to do something to make us smile or laugh. I have often told our friends that our Rott-n-kids provide us with almost as much entertainment as the television does. They all manage to do this by just acting natural. Take this for instance. Ruff was on his Mom's bed and Axl jumped up to see what was going on. 

Or last night when we were all watching television. At least the two humans were watching the TV, the two Rottweilers were sound asleep. Ruff had started to slide backward off the foot rest and didn't realize it.
I asked some of our Rottweiler friends to guess what Rottweilers do best and a lady in Cleveland, Ohio came back and said, "Hold down the furniture and keep it from flying away? Hey, they may *look* like they’re lazing about, but they are working hard keeping that furniture in place!"
So that's the way it is when you live with Rottweilers. I'm told my three are not very different from the one's our friends own. So when is the news media going to stop referring to the breed as being so dangerous. It's the bad owners that we should be worrying about.



  1. Hi guys! I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading this blog! I'm an Owensboro, KY girl and I live with a 7 year old Rottie girl who is my baby! My boyfriend and I are so in love with her, and she brings so much joy and light to our lives. I love reading about your babies! Rottweilers truly are such a fantastic breed of dog!

  2. Thank you Kentucky girl. I love reading about other people and their Rottweilers, too. Some of our best times are taking them to Petsmart and meeting people.

  3. They are sooo beautiful!!! When you have rotts you either love them to the point that you'll get nothing but rotts there after or you will hate them. I love mine to death and plan on getting many more as I get older and more financially stable.