Friday, February 25, 2011

NASA finally launches our Rottweilers "Face In Space" pictures.

Last June 9th I posted a story about a NASA (yes, that NASA) program where people could send them pictures of themselves and their pets and all of the pictures would be carried aboard the Space Shuttle on Mission STS-133. That space flight was supposed to take off last September 16th but got delayed due to technical problems. Well, STS-133 finally made it into space yesterday and the pictures of Axl and his Mom along with 194,180 other pictures went with them. We have to wait until March 7th to get a confirmation certificate but the news on the NASA web site is good enough for me. UPDATE: Here is the certificate.

Here is an interesting clue to doing a really cool thing. NASA is collecting photos that people post of themselves or their pets or both and will carry them into space on the next two space shuttle launches. Best of all, IT'S FREE. Go to this web site and fill out the form and upload your pictures. The shuttle launches are scheduled for liftoff in September and November. Here is one of the photos that I submitted:
Click pictures for larger view.

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