Friday, February 11, 2011

We went to Petsmart today and Ruff kissed all the girls again.

We had to replenish our supply of dog food and biscuits so we took Ruff to Petsmart in Florence, KY, today, which happens to be the Rottweilers favorite store. In the aisle where the dog food was we met a man who had a beautiful 7-month old female Mastiff puppy. She was 70 lbs, the man told us and she tried to get Ruff to play but Ruff was very reluctant because in his house the girls don't allow that sort of thing. 

Then we met two couples who told Ruff how handsome he was and he started to revel in all the attention. Ruff likes to make friends with the men he meets but he loves to give women kisses and he managed to do so once again.  

Then he met a woman who was pushing a cart with her daughter in it and we stopped and had a nice chat. I saw this woman standing down the aisle talking to the man with the Mastiff and I overheard him say she could pet his dog if she wanted. The woman declined the offer. Then the woman walked toward my wife and I and she stopped to pay Ruff a compliment. While we were talking Ruff was trying hard to make friends and he reached up and gave the little girl in the wagon a kiss. The woman was very much taken with Ruff's friendliness and he wound up giving her a kiss, too. I happened to comment to her that he attracts girls where ever he goes and has probably kissed more than a hundred women in this store in the four years we have brought him with us. I asked her, jokingly, to imagine what an 18-year old boy could do with a Rottweiler like Ruff and she laughed.

Later we got to the check out line and this same woman was on line ahead of us. Ruff jumped up and stood with his front paws on the counter and gave the little girl in the wagon another kiss. While we were waiting for our turn some more people came in the store and a yet another woman stopped to say hello to Ruff and she bent over and got some kisses from him. The woman with the little girl turned to watch this as she was leaving and I saw her smile. I looked at her and said, "See what I mean?".

When we got to have our items checked Ruff jumped up with his paws on the counter again and the clerk gave Ruff some treats. When the clerk came around to price scan the heavy bags of dog food in our cart he gave her a kiss. Then Ruff followed the clerk when she returned to the register and another female employee that Ruff has seen many times before came over behind the partition next to the register. As soon as Ruff recognized this woman he jumped up and put his paws on the top edge of the partition and gave her a kiss, too. While this whole thing was going on I saw another woman standing in the adjoining check out line look at Ruff and smile. She then made a one word comment and said, "Rottweilers!" 

I guess the well socialized, friendly types are all alike. So maybe Ruff isn't the only one who goes around kissing all the girls.
Just to give you an idea of what Ruff looks like when he gives a kiss to someone he meets at Petsmart, here is a picture of him kissing his Mom on Valentine's Day back in 2008. I would love to post some pictures of Ruff's adventures at Petsmart but there are legal complications that prevent using photos of people we don't know without their written permission. Ruff doesn't jump up on people unless they have given him some hint they would enjoy having him do it. He usually sits in front of them wiggling his butt in anticipation while stretching his head up as high as he can. And usually, they will just lean over to get their faces closer to him. I have never had anyone complain about his affection.


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