Sunday, May 8, 2011

To the Best Mom in the World on Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day to mom's everywhere but especially to the wives and mom's of our brave American soldiers. Mom's are very special people. They fill our lives with love and help to guide us on the right path of life. Of all the mom's in the world, the one's I hold dearest are those who serve in our military. I purchased this poster to remind me of this every day. It was an illustration on Reader's Digest cover a few years ago
Rottie Mom's are no different even though their "kids" walk on four legs instead of two. Our three Rottweilers appreciate their mom every day. They follow her around the house like a shadow, they worry about her and keep her company and protect her even when they are asleep. Even though the attention they give their mom is no different today than any other day a few pictures are still appropriate.
This is Axl and his mom, the most important person in his world.

And this is Ruff trying to give his mom another kiss.


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