Thursday, May 12, 2011

Yesterday the Sun came out --- all 90 degrees of it.

We have waited to see the Sun for several weeks so the saturated ground could dry out from the near record rainfall we have had. Tuesday was a gorgeous day, temp was in the mid-70's. I managed to do a quick mowing of the grass in spite of the soggy ground. Wednesday started out nice but the temperature climbed to 90 degrees by mid--afternoon and the weatherman said it was like mid-July instead of mid-May. One good thing is we have been able to get the Rottweilers out of the house to play in the backyard. I got some new pictures, too.

Here is a picture of Ruff in front of the Fir trees I planted four years ago. The rain has been very good for them and you can see the abundant new growth on the branches. I took this picture after dinner, about two hours before sunset.
Click the photos for a larger view.
This next picture shows the mud tracks from my lawn tractor after I managed to cut the foot-tall grass a few days ago. That is our boy Axl checking it out.
And here is a very goofy looking picture of Ruff. He decided to shake his head just as I was taking his picture and he turned his face into a rubber mask that just flopped all around. I know this effect can be done in the computer but this is not a photo-shoped image. This is how it looked when I unloaded the camera,
When we came back in the house Ruff climbed up in my lap for a belly rub. I just realized this is the second picture of me in less than a week. I guess my wife got tired of being the only human to be photographed with the three Rottweilers.


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