Saturday, September 29, 2012

Have you ever seen a Rottweiler chorus?

Here is a story without pictures. Sad, but true, so I hope you can visualize this in your mind.
Last Thursday our good friend Lucy came by to sit with Jackie so I could take care of some chores. After a brief chat I told her I had to leave to do some shopping. When I left, Lucy and Jackie were sitting together on the small couch in the family room along with Ruff and Axl who had taken up their places on the larger couch and the chair along with Sassy who was laying on her bed.
I went down to the basement to get my car and as soon as I backed it out of the garage I heard the three Rotties doing their wailing chorus like they usually do when Jackie and I leave them home alone. I had to go back inside to check this out because they have never before cried while someone was still in the house.
I could still hear the singing as I climbed the stairs. When I walked into the family room, I got a look of shear embarrassment from our three best friends who all acted like I had interrupted them in the middle of doing something wrong. Then I saw Lucy, who was still sitting next to Jackie on the love seat, she had a shocked look on her face because of what had just happened in front of her. As soon as the three Rotts heard the car start up they had all stood up and raised the noses toward the ceiling and began singing their heartbreaking song of disappointment. It was as if they didn’t realize there were still two humans in the house with them. Sitting right there watching the whole time.

I wish I had seen it but then if I had been there it wouldn't have happened.


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