Friday, September 21, 2012

How to get comfortable while watching TV.

Rottweilers invented comfortable. And sleeping on their backs on a nice soft couch is the preferred way to do it. Best of all is when you're laying next to your human and you can get an occasional belly rub. This photo was actually taken just after I turned off the TV last night and was getting ready to take everyone outside for their last potty break. I asked Jackie to stay where she was until I retrieved the camera.
The only bad part is when you get kicked with a hind foot while your best friend is dreaming. And that happens a lot. And it hurts.
During the night the couches become a favorite spot but unfortunately the Rotties tend to get too hot laying on them so they alternate with getting off and resuming their naps on the hardwood floor. But as soon as one Rottweiler gets off the couch another one gets up from the floor and takes the empty spot. We call it a shift change.


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