Saturday, September 1, 2012

Speaking of crowded rooms how about crowded beds?

Last night Ruff wanted to see why Axl was so interested in sleeping on his mom's bed every night. So he jumped up first and after my wife got in bed he gave her a few good-night kisses and snuggled right in. Axl came in a few minutes later after his mon was in bed, jumped up on the bed and also claimed his spot. Axl will be 11 years old in a few weeks and I am still amazed how agile he is and still able to leap on the bed every night. Just so you know, most nights Axl gets up on his mom's bed before she gets under the covers so there is no one in the way when he comes trotting in and jumps. But on the few occasions that Axl comes in after his mom is in bed he does a magnificently accurate leap, touches his front and back paws on the edge of the mattress then hops over her legs and lands on the other side of the bed. Now that must be a sight to behold from ground level watching this huge dog flying over you. And never once has he landed on his mom because he is so heavy he could do some serious damage.
And last night was no different except that Ruff was laying on the other side of the bed and Axl had a bit less room to make his landing. The amazing thing is that the bed is higher than Axl's line of sight so he can't see where he is jumping until he is flying through the air.

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