Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A followup to Sunday's post: "Well, this is something different." Maybe Ruffin knew something was wrong.

Apparently, Ruffin had a reason for checking on his best buddy Axl. Axl was getting sick. Yesterday (the day after Ruffin went to extremes licking Axl's face, head and ears) Axl woke up with a very upset stomach and didn't eat any breakfast or dinner. (they are fed two small meals a day) He then spent the day having a bad case of heaves and diarrhea that lasted even after we all went to bed. I had to take him outside at 1:30 AM after he vomited twice more in the house. After I brought him back in he slept outside his Mom's bedroom door all night long and then this morning he went in her room and took a nap by her bed while she was still sleeping. This morning Axl seemed to feel a little better. I don't know if it is a fact but this morning his nose was cold and yesterday his nose was warm. I boiled up a chicken breast and a cup of rice and Axl ate the whole thing so at least he has his appetite back and he hasn't thrown up so far today. 
Its now just past Midnight and everyone is in bed sleeping and I am happy to write that everything went well today. Axl ate another meal at dinner time - I boiled up another chicken breast and mixed it with some rice and he had a hardy appetite. No more throw up or diarrhea so it looks like it was just a 24-hour virus, like we humans sometimes get.
I think the next time Ruff acts a little out of character I will pay better attention. He really was showing concern over his buddy on Sunday because he knew something was wrong.


  1. Poor Axl! I hope he's doing much better...

    It's great that animals (in this case, your Goofus Rottus aka Ruff) can sense when something is not right.

  2. Glad to hear that Axl is on the mend; I'm sure Ruff's kisses and TLC were just what the Dr. ordered.


  3. just checking in, things have been quiet here, I hope everything is OK!

    1. Thanks for waking me up. Started getting comfortable in the rut. Everything is OK now. I am posting again today.