Monday, November 25, 2013

Here's Sassy, protecting us from the evil ball.

Our little Sassy girl is somewhat of a loner, especially inside the house. For that reason I don't always get an opportunity to take pictures of her. This makes it seem like the two boys are getting all the attention. Well, today, the boys were outside and Sassy was indoors by herself. I had moved her sheepskin rug from the living room while I vacuumed there and Sassy decided to lay on it by the fireplace. But Sassy had another reason for doing this. The evil, screeching basketball was loose in the house and Sassy's job is to punish it and let no one near it. She has been doing this ever since we acquired this ball several years ago. Whenever the ball is squeezed it lets out a horrible screeching sound when the air goes back in. I don't blame Sassy one bit for biting it whenever is screeches except she hasn't learned that that is what makes it screech. I hope I explained that clearly.
This is the look on her face when the ball begins to screech.


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  1. The photo of her making the face when the ball screeches is priceless! Great shot!