Sunday, November 3, 2013

An early chill has left us under the weather.

I just unloaded some photos from my Nikon that were taken over a week ago. This is something I almost never do as most pictures are put into the computer the day I take them. The reason was the fault of the weather. We suddenly had a span of chilly weather that contrasted with the 60+ degrees we were having. I went out and spent an hours on the tractor cutting the grass and was chilled to the bone when I came inside. One thing quickly led to another and I just finished taking the last pills the doctor prescribed. But now my wife has come down with a cold.

So this is what it looks like when we begin to hibernate. Humans and Rottweilers sleeping all day long. And the weatherman predicts a cold and snowy Winter. I think we will be acclimated to it in a few months.

They are very good company and don't complain too much except when I'm late with their dinner.

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