Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Frozen. Adding an ice storm on top of our snowy Winter.

I'm beginning to think our Rottweilers are getting a little confused with our weather. We seem to be having one to two small snowstorms every week and it started in early December. The Rotts love the snow and are eager to go out in it. But then within the last two weeks we have had some brief warm spells that melted all the snow and they get disappointed when it is gone. Then a few days later we have another storm and the snow is back. There are some advantages to this in the old snow gets all dirty and the new snow is like starting all over again.

Take yesterday, for instance. The sun warmed things up a little and the snow almost all melted. I took the boys out back and they did some exploring.
Then the ice storm hit late in the evening. By 11 PM when I took everyone out for their last pee before bedtime, we were in full sleet mode and freezing rain. It made for a very quick potty visit.
Our flag was covered in ice and stiff as a board.
Then this morning the world was all different. We had gotten about 3-inches of snow followed by an inch or two of sleet followed by freezing rain. The first thing that got the Rotts puzzled was they were walking on top of the stuff and not in it and it was slippery, to boot. Let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

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  1. My boy loves the snow, too. We was very happy that we got about 14 inches of the white stuff yesterday.