Friday, February 7, 2014

Real Christmas Trees

Finally had an opportunity to take Ruff for a walk down to the back of our property today. I am so glad we did. The weather is still icy cold but the sun was shining and the sky was clear. It was strange walking on top of the ice-covered snow. It made crunchy sounds and in places my shoes broke through the ice. But when we got to the clump of fir trees I planted years ago it was like walking into a Christmas display. The ice storm left long icicles hanging from every branch. Words cannot describe it so here are some pictures.
Click the pictures for a larger view.
And Ruff took his red rubber ball with him.
My neighbor's back yard.

And not a single footprint in the snow.


  1. Beautiful pictures of the wintry weather there. Only wish it was half as cold where we are...we've been suffering from hot hot weather here.
    My poor rotties are suffering too with the heat & getting hotspots. I bet if they could see the pictures you've got of the rotties playing in the snow, they would be sooooo envious! Haha!

    1. Angela, I'll trade half of our snow for some of your warm weather. Luckily, the weatherman says we may hit 60 by the end of next week. It sure has been a brutal winter this year.