Sunday, November 30, 2014

A few more thoughts on three dads raising one little girl.

Up to now baby Bessie has been getting most of her training from her two male Rottweiler surrogate fathers and some minor house-breaking from one ragged old human. On the subject of that ragged old human I think I really am getting old. Next month I will be three-fourths of a Century old. Yeah, the big 75, and it shows. I have been measuring Bessie's weight every week by picking her up and standing on a scale then measuring my own weight and subtracting the difference. Bessie is now 5-months old as of December 1st and she weighs 58 pounds. I only mention it because I can hardly pick her up. I was beginning to think she weighed a lot more until I realized I was just getting weaker with old age. Just for comparison, here are two pictures taken when baby Ruff was still a baby. He was 8 months old when these were taken and he weighed about 80 pounds.
It is worth noting that Bessie has been putting on more than 10 pounds a month for her first 5-months so it will be interesting to see what she weighs two or three months from now when she will be as old as Ruff was in these photos. Of course, that will have to be done at the Vets office because I don't think I will be able to lift her up on the scale.

I saw Bessie reveal her female dominance the other day. I had her and Ruff outside and she wanted Ruff to do something and stared him right in his face and lowered her head and gave a very distinctive bark. Reminded me right away about our girl Sassy telling the boys to behave. This also makes me wonder if her three dads can raise her the same way a female Rottweiler would. Sassy had a way of doing play school with Ruffin like Ruffin does with Bessie but with one big difference. Ruffin can not bring himself to tell Bessie to STOP! the way that Sassy did. Ruffin lets himself be a big play toy and he is so infatuated with the little girl he just lets her do what she wants until the two of them collapse to catch their breath. They also seem to be starting the tongue-kissing stuff that I saw with Ruff and Sassy. Bessie sticks he snout in Ruffin's mouth while they are playing. Sassy did that a lot but she knew how to end it as you can see here.
Now I can't leave this post with just some old pictures and not show any progress with our new girl. Except for her growing like a weed nothing else has changed. She is still going to play school but the subject she is learning now is about love. Love according to Rottweilers.


  1. Oh My goodness she really is getting on in Size, I would probably dislocate something if I were to try pick her up, let alone Ruff at 8 months. LOL.
    I must say that our new arrival came a bit earlier than expected. Duke was welcomed to the family yesterday at exactly 6 weeks old and weighing a cute 3.3 kgs. (just over 7 pounds I think), But the way he is eating that will change very soon... I do hope that my Girl takes to him like Ruff and Old man Axle have to your Bessie.

    Flee (Proud and excited) South Africa

    1. Flee, Congratulations on getting your new baby Rottweiler. 6 weeks old is very young to enter a new home. You may need to put him on a special diet that he can eat and digest and be careful he doesn't get lost under your furniture. And don't think for a moment that your girl won't become his foster mom. I think the females have an inherent maternal instinct. Would love to see a picture of the new arrival, and the rest of his family. If you are willing and able to do so, send it to me at and I will post it here is you like.

    2. Yes, very young. Unfortunately his mommy had a litter of 10, and had stopped feeding. His human mommy could not keep up on her own so she asked that we take him early after a vet check. We have him on a special mix of food, given to us by the vet. He has said that he looks good and has a great appetite so we are happy for now..
      We have already lost him under the recliner and in the flower bed, but he is so super clever he already comes when called. Our Girl is a bit skittish, but I think that is because he keeps trying to grab her and feed... LOL.
      I will drop you an email so you can see.
      Thanks so much.

      Love Hugs and Kisses.