Sunday, November 16, 2014

We take birthday parties seriously in our house.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. RUFFIN. You are 8 years old today.

And I have kept my promise. We had a double birthday party tonight. Since I owed old man Axl a filet mignon steak dinner when he turned 13 last month and Ruffin had his birthday today, I decided to give them both half of a filet steak.
As I anticipated, it took only half a second for it to be consumed so I'm glad I made preparations in advance. I hooked Bessie to her leash in the living room just to keep her out of the kitchen. If she had gotten to the feeder the boys would have let her eat the steak. Thats a Rottie Rule. Then I had to get both of the boys to the feeder at the same time. And then grab the camera. Well, it worked.
I wonder if they appreciated the effort as much as I did?
UPDATE: November 17, 2014.
Someone asked me where were their birthday hats. I'm sorry I was so anxious to post the photos that I forgot to "put" them on. Here is the correction.


  1. Happy Birthday Mr Ruff, and a belated (take advantage Axl LOL), I'm sure they appreciated everything you put into their special birthday party.

    I would love to have seen them gobble it down.

    Kisses Flee
    South Africa

    1. You would have had to look pretty quick to watch them gobble down the steak. It didn't last more than a fraction of a second on their plates.

    2. LOL, I can imagine, Blink and miss it. So Sweet

      Hugs Flee

  2. And a job well done, thank you for sharing them!