Friday, March 6, 2015

Bessie starting to slow down her growth rate

This is an update to my post on January 15th.  I think we're going to need a bigger boat.

Bessie turned 8-months old on March 1st. Last night I managed to pick her up and get on the scale and she weighs 77.5 LBS. That means she has only gained about 10 pounds in the last two months, a drop from her previous weight/size gain of over 10 pounds each month prior to January.

Bess is getting bigger in size but not as heavier as before. She has also not been eating as regular and I think I will be taking her to the Vet next Monday to see why her appetite has slacked off.



  1. Oh I weighed Duke on the weekend. He is a massive 31 Kilo's and is only 5 months this Saturday... *cough cough*, he is going to be a big boy...
    I think thats what 68 pounds??

    1. Flee, you may have some horse DNA in your boy Duke. That weight for 5 months is much bigger than Ruff or Bessie's. Start looking for saddles. BTW, what are you feeding him?

    2. Hi there Nelson... LOL, was thinking of getting a buggy and having him pull me around town, would save me on petrol ha ha ha ... I checked your emails on the weights you sent for Bes and Ruff, you are so right. You said Ruff was 65 at 7 Months. I do worry he is growing too fast, and don't want any complications with Dysplasia?
      He is fed a Good Brand of Chunks only (i think you call it Kibble), the odd dog biscuit during training and raw vegetables once a week. (carrots for teeth, spinach for Iron etc).

    3. Hi, Flee, They already have a name for that, its called Carting and it is actually a competitive event at some dog shows. The cart looks like a two-wheeled sulky used in horse races.

    4. Imagine trying to find a parking spot with that Hahahahahah,
      Have an awesome day